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[Script][ASP] Matrix Orbital Serial LCD Script

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    [Script][ASP] Matrix Orbital Serial LCD Script

    Discussion and pictures here:-

    From the Readme

    This is a simple script designed to interface a Matrix Orbital LCD 2041 Display with Homeseer and is a development of the VFD_POLE script

    The LCD Display has a Serial interface attached and is commonly used by case modders. This size of display would normaly occupy two 5.25" drive bays but would also fit in a (UK) standard double pattress box ( ie the same size as two 13amp sockets )

    The display has 4 lines by 20 characters and is backlit

    This script in itself does very little other than pass data from another script to the display.

    Initialy I called it from my Caller ID script, so that the top line displays "Caller ID" followed by the caller name, the number, and the date and time on separate lines.

    It is the responsibility of the calling script to format the script, eg to centre it and an example from the caller ID script is in the ZIP file and the Docs directory when unzipped

    To maximise flexibility this script gets called once for each line to be updated

    Also part of this package in MO_LCD_INFO which is fired by an event every minute to change the display. Each Screen is a subroutine. Some are generic, eg Homeseer info, Date & Time, others rely on other scripts for their data, eg Jon00's Weather and Email scripts, and my lottery script

    In addition there is a control panel which allows you to stop and start the script, update the screen, and run a basic test. this ASP includes a repeater panel which shows what the screen is displaying. Note that this is not synchronised with any calling script or routine but does update somewhat faster than these do so the lag is not too great. The basic test does not update the repeater screen

    For installation instructions see mo_lcd install.txt in the install directory

    A picture of the display "in action" and some of the control panel is in the zip file and the discussion topic

    Coming next:- The ability to handle up to 4 of these displays

    it is also worth noting that this works fine with a virtual com port linked to a Lantronix device server so you can have a networked LCD display.

    v1.2 27 May 2004

    With thanks to those who have shared info on their use of serial LCD screens

    zip file updated 28 My 2004
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