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[Script] [asp] Check multiple Email accounts with web mail V2.2

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    [Script] [asp] Check multiple Email accounts with web mail V2.2

    One of the disappointing aspects of Homeseer is that it can only check one mailbox and needs some form of MAPI compliant software running (such as Outlook Express) at the same time.

    I therefore decided to write a script that dispensed with Outlook and used a freeware POP activeX control to check my mailboxes. Version 1 (still available in the scripts library) was released that could announce new mail for an unlimited number of mailboxes and provide remote X10 cotrol via email.

    This script has now developed to version 2 with many more features such as reading (including HTML), reply & sending of emails, remote event trigger via email, basic address book, paging sound etc.

    Although this was designed for multiple mailboxes, I have heard from people that they use this package for single mailboxes and dispense with the Homeseer receive email facilities altogether.

    This package checks multiple (or single) e-mail accounts for new messages.

    It has the following features:

    Checks for new messages on an unlimited number of mailboxes (ideal for families and/or people with more than one account).
    Announces new email once followed by the total number of emails in that mailbox.
    Can be set to also announce the message sender(s) and message subject(s)
    Customisable wav file can be played before announcements.
    Announcements are fully customisable including what is spoken and when.
    Speech output can be customised from known e-mail addresses.
    Optional filter to allow announcements only on email addresses supplied to a filter list.
    Allows X10 remote control of your devices via the email subject line (Password protected).
    Allows remote triggering of any Homeseer event via an email subject line (Password protected).
    Optional return e-mail confirmation of the X10 command(s) sent or Event triggered AND a complete status list of all 256-house codes.
    Allows reading (HTML or text)and reply to emails NOT downloaded by your normal email client.
    Basic support for attachments and pictures.
    Basic email address book for sending mail.
    MAPI compliant software (i.e. Outlook Express) is not required to be run at the same time as Homeseer.
    Global Variable available for the number of un-read messages in each mailbox (to pass information to other HS scripts etc).
    Global Variable available for the number of un-read messages in all mailboxes.
    Script only reads information from your POP server. It does NOT remove information!
    Automatically resets if mail is downloaded using your normal e-mail client.
    Logs additional information using a unique filename for each mailbox.
    Logs for each account are automatically purged when your normal e-mail client downloads the mail.
    Can be configured to update web page virtual devices for unread messages in each mailbox and the total number of messages unread in all mailboxes.
    And many more features!

    Remember that this only works with POP mail servers - If you have AOL then get a proper ISP!

    Discussion for version 2 is here

    Updated July 29th 2004 - V2.27

    V2.20 - 13 downloads before updated.
    V2.21 - 51 downloads before updated.
    V2.22 - 12 downloads before updated.
    V2.23 - 12 downloads before updated.
    V2.24 - 12 downloads before updated.
    V2.25 - 6 downloads before updated.
    V2.26 - 10 downloads before updated.

    Latest version can now be found here.
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