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Script to control Mitsubishi TV via RS232

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    Script to control Mitsubishi TV via RS232

    This is a Perl script i use to automate my Mitsubishi (Model WS-65613) 65" Rear Projection TV via the RS232 jack on the back. I've had the TV for a while now, but since it's so bulky i rarely look behind it. I actually accidentally bumped into this while reading the manual (wow so thats what happens when you read instructions )

    Most higher end Mitsubishi models built within the last 2 years (i think) have this feature. I was having difficulty automating it since it only gives one IR command to turn on/off the TV (thus sometimes turning it on when i really wanted the script to turn it off). Also i couldn't discretly change the TV to a given input via IR, with the RS232 you can do all this and more.

    Here is Mitsu's Technical Doc for the RS232 port.

    Here are all cmds it supports:
    <LI>Power ON
    <LI>Power OFF
    <LI>Input Change
    <LI>Power Status Request
    <LI>Input Up
    <LI>Input Down
    <LI>Channel Direct
    <LI>Format change
    <LI>INPUT MODE Request[/list]

    I have implimented all except "Input Mode Req", "Channel Direct" in the attached Perl script.

    As for the wire, i'm using a crossover RS232 cable that looks like this:
    2 &lt;----&gt; 3
    3 &lt;----&gt; 2
    5 &lt;----&gt; 5
    All other wires shouldn't matter

    The script issues a command and then waits for the RS232 call back script to set a global variable to "successful" before returning. There are a few variables to configure suchas COM port your Mitsu is attached to, the number of times to retry a command if global variable isn't set to "successful" and the number of seconds to wait in between retries

    I've found that IR is quicker and more efficient to use where possible, but the powerOn/Off and Input Change are indispensable for my Theater automation.

    Comments/Suggestions more than welcome ... Hope someone else can use this.

    BTW: ActivePerl must be installed on your HS server to interpert the perl script get it here ActiveState
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