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LED SIGN JetLite II Protocol Script

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    LED SIGN JetLite II Protocol Script

    My first script and it works great... thought i would share

    For anyone that has or plans on getting a LED Scrolling sign With the Jetlite II Protocol

    I know of 2 signs that use the protocol.. im sure there are plently more.. Majority of the eBay LED Scrolling signs us that protocol.

    I have a favotech Light

    And for our EURO friends.. i believe Eurolite also uses that protocol

    I will add on more features if there is a request for additional development of this... who knows.. i might even make it into a plugin

    sub main(ByVal text As String)
       Dim comport = 5
       Dim config = "19200,O,8,1"
       Dim datamode = 0 ' Raw Mode (1 = string/cf-lf terminated)
       Dim cb_script = ""
       Dim cb_func = ""
       Dim rtnval = hs.OpenComPort(comport, config, datamode, cb_script, cb_func)
       ' Now the com port is open.
       Dim begin = chr(&h01)&chr(&h5A)&chr(&h30)&chr(&h30)&chr(&h02)&chr(&h41)&chr(&h41)&chr(&h1C)&chr(&h31)
       Dim end2 = chr(&h04)
       Dim data2Send = begin + text + end2
       hs.SendToComPort(comport, data2Send)
    end sub
    Make sure you have a file in your LED Light name "A" (without the quotes of course)

    Also update your comport then...

    Just call jetlite2.vb("main","Your Text Here")

    Thats all there is to it

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    Last edited by twa8000; January 12, 2010, 12:35 PM.

    You kinda did this backward. You normally post the script in this forum and the discussion thread in the forum where you have the script. We would also like for you to prefix the script with it's type.