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    New Free Remote Desktop Program

    New free desktop program similar to a Vista Gadget but does not require the Vista Sidebar:

    tenHsDesktop, running as a stand-alone program on any networked computer, connects to your HomeSeer server and displays the real-time status of selected Devices in a small, easily customized display panel. You can control HomeSeer Devices and run HomeSeer Events as well as monitor the HomeSeer log.

    • Runs on any computer -- connects to your HomeSeer server either across your local network or across the internet.
    • Updates Device status in real-time.
    • You can define when a device is displayed (based upon device status or value) and how it is displayed, incorporating a device's Status, Value, DeviceString text, one or more DeviceString icons and literals.
    • Trigger HomeSeer Events.
    • Displays the HomeSeer log. You can specify search criteria to highlight matching records in the HS log, and you can be alerted when HomeSeer writes a log record that matches the search criteria.
    • Control any HomeSeer device from your desktop.
    • You can specify which devices will trigger an alert when it's Status, Value, or DeviceString changes.
    • You can specify HS Events to be triggered when your desktop's screensaver starts and stops. For instance, you can have tenHsDesktop turn off your office lights when the computer's screensaver starts.
    • You can specify a list of links (URLs) that when selected will open a web browser and display the link page. You can set links to the HomeSeer status page, a web page for control of your sprinklers, a graph of your current energy usage, etc.
    • Create multiple Profiles containing all program options and device display settings. This is useful for when a laptop is used in multiple environments requiring different definitions (even connecting to different HomeSeer servers).

    Free download: