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Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.0.8

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    Plugin: InControl For SageTV/HomeSeer - Version 1.0.8


    InControl is a plugin for HomeSeer and SageTV. It provides a real-time interactive interface between SageTV and Homeseer. With InControl, you are provided with easy to use, graphical interface in SageTV to control and monitor any HomeSeer devices. In addition, you can use HomeSeer to broadcast messages to SageTV.

    • Control and/or monitor any device in HomeSeer from within SageTV
    • Send messages and alerts from to Sage from HomeSeer with Events or Scripts
    • Custom graphic library included for SageTV
    • Secure connection with SageTV via HomeSeer user id and password

    • SageTV 7.0.8 or higher
    • InControl For Sage Plugin (available through SageTV plugin library)
    • HomeSeer 2.0 or higher
    • InControl For HomeSeer Plugin (available through HomeSeer store and updater)
    • HomeSeer and SageTV must be on the same PC or connected via a network

    • Be sure to download and install the InControl Plugin for HomeSeer first. It is available through the HomeSeer Updater and Store.
    • Once InControl is running on your HomeSeer server, you can download and install the SageTV component through the plugin manager.
    • Please be sure to review the links below for more information.

    More Information:
    • Enhancment Requests - There are many other features I am planning to add to this plugin. However, please feel free to post any enhancment ideas and I will do my best to add the capability.
    • Defect Reports - This is the first public version, please feel free to report defects and I will do my best to correct and update as soon as possible. Please note that this version has only be tested on Windows platforms.

    Sage Plug In Version Information:
    • 1.0.8 - Initial version

    HomeSeer Plug In Version Information:
    • 1.0.8 - Initial version
    • 1.0.9 - Added additional debug tracking capability
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