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Device List Pruning

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    Device List Pruning

    Hey Everybody looking for some advise on my script

    I am currently using hs.GetDeviceEnumerator to loop through all homeseer devices. I want to display on a webpage just a subset of the complete list of devices.

    In specific I want to only display devices that can be turned On, Off or Dimmed.

    I.E I only want to populate it with things that have an on off switch or are dimmers. I want to hide anything not in this sub category such as itunes current track name and things of that nature.

    I think I can use the 'can_dim' property in the device class to detect dimmers.
    But I do not know how to differentiate On/Off only devices from everything else.
    I tried the

    "&h10000 = If set, this device will only allow ON and OFF actions in the event properties"

    and I also tried looking at the "buttons" and "values" but none seem to consistently work.

    Does anyone know how to go about doing this?

    You can determine all of the actions defined for a device by using the hs.CAPIGetControl method. Look in the HS help file for details.

    Let me know if you need sample code.