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    StatusView matrix

    Back in 2004, I modified what is now the mcsDeviceGrid script (thanks again to Michael McSharry) for an easy means of viewing (no control though) a matrix of all device house code (mostly ALPHA at that time) / unit code (HC/UC) combinations and their status. I think Jim DooLittle was the only one using a non-letter house code at the time.

    Although similar to the BLDeviceMatrix plug-in and mcsDeviceGrid, I am publishing my updated version of StatusView which is now compatible with HomeSeer 2.1.106 or higher, for those that might find the script useful. I must thank snevl (Steve) for his help in improving the script for other HC/UC pairs like !1, @1, #1, $1, [1, ]1, /1, etc. and making the changes required for compatibility with HS2!

    Now *ALL* possible HC/UC combinations can be reviewed for availablity as you are planning your device assignment strategy as well.

    If you have multiple devices using the same HC/UC, this script will reveal all of those occurences as you hover over the device along with their location.

    [UPDATED again on 10/22/2010 to also reveal Device String information!]
    [UPDATED again on 07/22/2014 to work with all browsers]

    Installation: Simply extract the seven files in the zip to your html folder and then add a link to (or point your browser to) X10StatusView.asp

    The discussion thread for this package is here

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