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Share devices with another HS server

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    Share devices with another HS server

    I wrote these set of scripts to share my device status at our second home with my main house. I wanted to be able to see the status within HSTouch- and to trigger events at home as well. It does not allow devices to be changed at the watching end. I think it works pretty well so I figured it might be of use to someone.

    This contains two scripts-- the first is an Active server script called displayValues.asp. This goes into the /html of the remote machine to be monitored. It will essentially make an XML compatible page of all your devices when it is called. I had to convert all spaces away to underscores and some other formating changes-- but for the most part the names on your watching end will be identical. You need to ensure that all the names/locations here are unique on the remote server-- or you will have issues on the watching end. It will post the device locations, names, values, strings, and time.

    On the watching end, install pollRemoteServer.txt in scripts, and create an event to have it run every so often. Edit it to point to the server by changing value "remotePage", editing the user name, password, address and port. I chose house code O-- feel free to change it. I called my script "secondHouse". That will be what shows up in the log and location.

    If you are monitoring more than 255 devices-- I would expect issues.

    The first time you run it, it will read all the unique names in the XML and create HS devices for them. If new devices are added later, it should import them.

    You should be able to see all the devices in location "secondHouse" (pollRemoteServer is default) or whatever you called the script- as well as their device images, status, and time of last change. If all the images on both servers are identical-- they should show up.
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