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Z-Wave Light Control Script

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    Z-Wave Light Control Script

    Although I am not a programmer by any means, I have created this script to be able to turn Leviton controlled lights off in rooms that haven't been occupied for a specified amount of time, This script has been working well for over a year for me, but I'd like to expand on it a little... If you look into the attached script you'll see that I've attempted what I'm about to explain....
    1st the Script executes every minute (I know this could be processor taxing but I didn't know what else to do) The script checks how long the light has been on in conjunction with how long a motion sensor has been idle. When the conditions have been met. the particular IF Then statement executes a hs.ExecX10 "your device code", "off" command after a few seconds along with HS speaking out loud telling me which light has been left on... I love the way it all works, but I would love to be able to override this "Off" command if I hear HS telling me that it's going to turn off, all I would have to do is walk into the room and the motion sensor would cancel the "override"...

    I'm hoping that by posting this on here, other people will enjoy this script along with expanding on my Idea with their programming skills and we should be able to get this thing working more efficiently (possibly written in .net or even a plug-in) Doing this type of thing to my house has been my life long dream and I just am now only limited by time and lack of knowledge....

    Please give your 2 cents on this project, I would love to hear everyone's input....

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