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Velleman K8055 VB.NET Plugin

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    Velleman K8055 VB.NET Plugin

    Trying to reduce my dependency on the HS1.x interface i've written a new plugin for the Velleman K8055 USB IO board. I think a couple of people use it here so thought if anyone wants to try it they are welcome to (i've been running it for a few days without an issue, use is at your own risk though - it was written in all of about six hours).

    Couple of changes from the HS1.x plugin;

    * Analogue inputs have a default refresh rate of one second, to slow this down open the hspi_k8055.ini file and add the following key under the [Options] parameter;

    AnalogueTimer=5 - where 5 is the seconds value, so 10 for ten seconds

    I've only added the above for HSTouch and to try and prevent too much data being transmitted to the clients
    * Removal of counters, not sure they were of any value - if needed they could be added
    * The old plugin was slightly unforgiving if the card was disconnected when HS was loaded (giving an overflow error, needing a HS restart), if the plugin now detects the card as missing it will try and re-connect at 20 second intervals, if it finds the card it will re-connect
    * The plugin will try to check what the status of the devices when HS loads, if when you shut down HS you left an output on then it will try and check this and set them to the previous state.

    This zip file also comes with the latest DLL file release which I believe has only been released in Jan 2011 - I found putting it in the HS root directory worked. Someone may already tell me there has been a .net port of the old plugin, if so variety never hurt anyone.

    Any feedback welcome.


    19/04/11 - oops did'nt realise you could not update threads here. There has been a few changes to the plugin (thanks Automated ), unfortunately with the newer DLL provided by Velleman the constant SearchDevices call in the DLL will eventually lead to a hangup of HS. With this in mind it has been disabled and the decision to revert to an older version of the DLL. Disconnection of USB boards and reconnection if quick the plugin seems to be able to handle it OK but its not to be recommended to do as a habit.

    There is now a config page (click Config on the Interfaces page) which enables you to set a few values in relation to the timing and also an upper/lower limit on the analogue values.

    Theres probably a few coding changes also that may be of benefit. This is v0.0.0.7 and includes the Velleman DLL that I use and it seems to work OK.
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