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Z-Wave (and other) Thermostat scheduler

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    Z-Wave (and other) Thermostat scheduler

    Discussion here:
    Downoad is at the end of this post.
    Please report bugs or inconsistencies. Feedback is always welcome.

    This script is intended to emulate the functions of a Programmable Thermostat by means of a Homeseer Event.
    Any number of daily schedules can be defined for both Heat and Cool Modes.

    January 2013
    The package has been updated to Version 2.

    This version includes a Web interface for managing schedules.
    - Currently supports six types of schedule. See the doc.
    - Compatible with any Thermostat plugin which adheres to the Homeseer SDK regarding TStat plugins.
    - Supports multiple plugins simultaneously and any number or combination of thermostat types.
    - Supports "Virtual" Thermostats.
    - Script runs only when a schedule requires it via a self re-scheduled event.

    This version is incompatible with version 1.

    v2.01.02 had a slight file naming bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Same deal with 2.01.03
    Adds support for day of week spanning.

    - I believe this includes everything that's been requested.
    - Adds Weekend support. "Sat&Sun" as well as the ability to secify a day range spanning consecutive weeks; as well as a month range spanning two consecutive Years ie. "Dec-Mar".
    - "Home" condition field accepts device values or device value ranges. This can be used for seasonal schedules by defining device values (yourself) to represent seasons. For instance: 1=Spring, 2= Summer, ... 4= Winter.
    You would then enter a positive Value in the Home Field of "1-2" to have a schedule execute only during Spring and Summer; or "2" to execute only during summer... Clear as mud? The only limitation is your imagination.

    Update Doc
    Added support for an Alternate Conditional device in addition to Home/Away
    Added a trap and hopefully a fix for plugins which may not support 'GetModeSet'.
    Additional debug messages.
    PDF, VBEN and ASH files should be replaced for previous installations.

    More error handling for non-standard plugins.

    Fixes a bug which showed up using certain TS plugins. Now should be compatible with all.

    2.08 Jan 22/2013
    Returns error codes from plugins where these are provided. Not all plugins return errors on setpoint or mode change failure. Output is written to the Homeseer log.
    Per a user request, this revision log is included in the ZIP.

    2.10 Jan 24/2013
    Adds facility to disable an individual schedule without deletion
    Adds schedule type: Repeating n-days within a month or month range.
    Fix for the bug which intermittently might corrupt the last listed schedule.
    Some debug code was added to both the VBEN and ASH files. Both should be replaced.

    2.13 Jan 30/2013
    Some rescheduling bug fixes.

    2.14 Jan 31/2013
    Somewhere around 2.06, a bug was introduced which caused "every day" schedules to cause the script to error or go into a never ending loop.
    Fixed this bug and added debug and safeguards to prevent any future occurrance.
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