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[VB.NET] CANADIANS: Environment Canada Weather/Weather Warnings

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    [VB.NET] CANADIANS: Environment Canada Weather/Weather Warnings

    Environment Canada Weather and Weather Warnings Script

    Discussion Section dedicated to this script:
    Support will be handled via this forum (Discussion thread).
    Thanks for using my script.

    This is a Weather solution for use with Environment Canada RSS/XML feeds.
    Its main purpose is to provide a spoken announcement when Weather Warnings are issued for the given area.
    Additionally, any available weather data is stored in devices automatically created by the script.
    All known datum are included, when selected and available. All are optional.
    Devices are created automatically the first time the script is run for the following:
    Observation Location
    Local Conditions
    Wind Speed & Direction
    Air Quality Health index
    Short Range forecast - Forecast for Today or tonight and tomorrow morning
    Long Range forecast - Seven day forecast
    Weather Warnings (Whenever issued by Environment Canada)

    Weather Warnings, if selected, are announced immediately as they arrive by default.

    A single event needs to be created manually and configured to run the script periodically.

    Four additional events are automatically created the first time the script runs:
    Current Weather ............ Announces selected weather devices on demand.. Default Trigger = Manual
    Short Range Forecast ..... Announces the short range forecast................... Default Trigger = Manual
    Long Range Forecast ...... Announces the long range forecast .................... Default Trigger = Manual
    Weather Advisory .......... Announces Weather Advisories as they Arrive ....... Default Trigger = On Status change of "Warning" Device (add conditions to suit.. Ie. Time of day to allow announcements)

    Error handling saves the received XML file to disk for analysis. The file may also be optionally saved each time the script is run.
    There should be no problem unless for some reason the EC changes the format of the XML data.

    While the script has been tested with numerous locations, Environment Canada may provide additional data in your area.
    In this case, I would appreciate notification, including a sample XML file (see above), so this datum can be added to the script.

    BOTH French and English data is supported.
    Instructions for configuration are contained within the script.
    French directions are included in a separate Text file within the package.

    To Use:
    - Unzip the contents into the indicated directories.
    - Configure options at the beginning of the script to your needs.
    - Create an event to run "Environment Canada Weather.vb" periodically
    - Required Devices and additional Events will be created the first time the script runs.

    v1.20 :
    HS3 Version now available.

    - Devices are grouped in HS3
    - Support for multiple download sites. Each sites devices are grouped separately in HS3. Options for each site are configured separately.
    - Created devices and events are named according to the language preference.
    - Word substitution is applied to speaker output. This means if your speaker client tends to mispronounce words, you can substitute a better alternative word or spelling to correct the problem. There are a couple of examples already built into the script. In English, the word "wind" tends to be pronounced with a long I (as in 'wind the clock', rather than as in 'the wind is blowing'). This is internally converted to "wiind" (two I's) to have the word pronounced properly.
    - Separate documentation provided for French and English users.

    To install: Extract the entire ZIP into the Homeseer root directory to ensure all files are updated. Due to the fact there have been multiple changes to device/event naming, and the presence of one additional device; it is advisable to first delete all existing devices and all events Except the download event which was manually created. Pay careful attention to your configuration to avoid confusing results. It might be a good idea to rename the existing INI first for reference to your previous configuration.

    v2.06.02 (HS2) corrects an error in event creation. Does not affect HS3.

    v2.07.01 Repairs an issue introduced by EnvCan on Jan 10, 2015. Also extends long range forecast (currently up to 7 days from 5 with an absolute maximum of 15 days should this ever become available).
    Only the script needs to be replaced if upgrading. There are no changes to the configuration.

    v2.07.13 Handles updated encryption (TLS1.2) on the Environment Canada Website. If you are updating, both the script and config file need to be replaced. NET 4.6 must be installed on the host system.

    v2.07.14 Repaired Email function mainly for HS3. Additional detail of weather warnings included in the email for both HS2 and HS3.

    v2.07.14.1 Affects ONLY HS3
    - Corrects Device Grouping warnings on HS3 Startup
    - Minor changes to language sections (spelling).

    In order to correct device warnings on HS3 startup:

    1. Disable the Environment Canada download event. (to prevent the script running while you replace files).
    2. Delete ALL of the devices which were created by the script.
    3. Replace "Environment Canada Weather.vben" in your \Scripts Folder with the copy in the archive.
    4. Replace "EnvCanWeather.ini" in your \Config Folder with the copy in the archive. (make any changes you may need to personalize)
    5. Re-enable the Environment Canada download event. Your devices will be recreated and properly grouped on the first run.

    v2.07.15.1 Fixed issues preventing the script running properly under Linux versions of HS3.

    v2.07.15.3 Moved 3rd forecast item from Long Range Forecast to Short Range Forecast to accommodate device string field size limitations in HS3.
    This does not affect HS2 so no changes are made to that version at this time.

    Optional forecast breakout to daily devices.
    Device values in Advisory and Statements devices track Statements, Watches, Warnings. For use in HSTouch.
    Forecast Device graphics more closely reflect conditions.
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