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Environment Canada Weather/Weather Warnings

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  • Environment Canada Weather/Weather Warnings

    Discussion, requests for the Environment Canada Weather/Weather Warnings Script.

    Script is here:
    I plan to use another option
    I've tried this but am having problems
    I've tried this and Love it
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    It's just occurred to me that there are both English and French feed's.
    As it stands, the script is English only. I can look at dealing with the French feed if there's anyone needing this. I apologize for the oversight.
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      Works well !

      Nice work Wadenut !

      Just got this up and running and it works very well for me.
      Newmarket Ontario


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        I'm about to post v1.13 which will detect an invalid or non responsive URL.
        This is a direct replacement for the previous version, but you will need to verify the configuration section if you had made any changes.
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          speak option

          Could we get the device info (by user choice) into a speak option ?

          It would be nice to set up a daily event to speak temp,humidity etc if possible ?

          Newmarket Ontario


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            Yes we can.

            That part is completed now. You'll be able to select any of the Current Conditions devices to include in the announcement.
            You'll also have the ability to announce the Short and/or Long range forecasts.

            I'm just finishing up another little Easter Egg to make things easier for first time use. In effect it ought to be nearly foolproof.
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              Version 1.14 Posted

              Version 1.14 adds the following:

              Spoken announcements of Current Conditions (included items are selectable, and will also be omitted if the data is not available)
              Spoken announcement of the Short Range Forecast
              Spoken announcement of the Long Range Forecast

              Automatic creation of required events on first run.

              I strongly suggest that existing devices created by the script be deleted before upgrading.

              The instructions within the script have changed siginificantly. Read carefully to properly configure the script.
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                Added a sample "Weatherchime.wav" file to the download post.
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                  Thank you for sharing Greg...

                  I will take a look at it later.


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                    I'd suggest waiting for 1.15

                    Some little bugs have been pointed out with 1.14, which are fixed in 1.15. I'll be uploading it after running for awhile on debug.

                    Basically, my system voices seemed to have no problem speaking the degree symbol as in degrees celcius. Others aren't so lucky. I've expanded the string for speech.

                    There was a random problem converting strings to device values. I've removed this "nice to have" function for the time being.
                    The error would appear once in about 50 times in reading the same XML text. (????)
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                      What am I doing wrong?

                      I added "ScriptingReferences=System.XML;System.XML.dll" to the bottom of my setting.ini file as I didn't have a listing yet.

                      I get this and then a big long error which looks like the contents of the script...

                      11/21/2011 8:30:13 PM Error Script compile error: Type 'XMLDocument' is not defined.on line 136
                      11/21/2011 8:30:13 PM Event Running script in background: Environment Canada Weather 1.14.vb

                      Pointers please.


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                        Originally posted by htrdlicn View Post
                        I added "ScriptingReferences=System.XML;System.XML.dll" to the bottom of my setting.ini file.


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                          In my file, the Scripting References line is at the first line of the file. I've clarified this in the instructions.

                          Those two errors are appearing randomly and appear to be caused by an attempt to populate the HS Devices with Values. I've made this a debug option in 1.15 until I can track down the problem.
                          [I can run the same XML file multiple times and the errors appear maybe once in 20 runs. Very perplexing.]
                          Last edited by Wadenut; November 22nd, 2011, 05:48 AM.
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                            I hope you don't mind me giving you a bit of advice when setting device values when parsing from strings. You can get around all sorts of issues by checking that the value is numeric first.

                            For example in your script for temperature you have:


                            The fail safe code would be:

                            If IsNumeric(CDbl(Trim(DeviceStr))) then hs.SetDeviceValue(Temperature,CDbl(Trim(DeviceStr)))


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                              Thank-you Jon, I don't mind at all. I had thought of that and will do it for the next release.
                              For now, I've made Devicevalues optional to avoid the errors. Using this test alone, would open the possibility of the String not matching the value.
                              Real courage is not securing your Wi-Fi network.