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Chromoflex RGB LED Lighting Driver/Controller PlugIn

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    Chromoflex RGB LED Lighting Driver/Controller PlugIn

    [Edit: With thanks to RobinF for his testing effort a couple of minor bugs were detected and fixed. New .Zip attached]

    Attached to this post you will find a plug-in that will control the Chromoflex LED RGB driver (see for more detail).

    With this plug-in you will be able to control up to 7 individual Chromoflex RGB controllers (drivers) on the same serial port connection.

    The plug-in is released for free. It does not come with an installer, but to get it working make sure the files in the attached .ZIP are copied to your HomeSeer directory and sub-directories as per the directory listing in the .ZIP file

    You will also find a detailed manual in the attached .ZIP file.

    This is my first plugin, but feedback, suggestions, comments and thoughts on this plugin would be very welcome.

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    Nicolai L

    Purchase Chromflex

    I would like to give Chromflex a go.
    Does anyone know where I can purchase one, preferably in the US?


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