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    Is this possible and if so could I be pointed in the right direction.

    I would like to gather infomation about a computer or network device that appears on my network and then have it display in homeseer. The end goal will be to have it appear in a floorplan.

    What I would like to start with is the IP address and computer name. I was wondering if I could get info frm my switch which would show which physical port the device is plugged into and use this to determine the room.

    Tech boy

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    I know my prehistoric DLink router I use has a config page that shows something is connected to the physical port but does not show what the device actually is. Does your router have a web page with the information you want on it? You might be able to download the page and do some manipulation on it but it would be router dependant as I don't think there is anywhere you can get this data from otherwise (?).


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      The router has a web page, I have 2 24 port switches it's these I want to get the data from as each room has a couple of network points. I shall check to see if the switches have a webpage.