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Immediate Script to run SendIR command

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    Immediate Script to run SendIR command

    I have installed the SQ Blaster plug-in, and have successfully uploaded and controlled my TV as planned using the test buttons, send button and creation of specific events.

    I cannot make the immediate script function work - and I really need to do this as I am creating control pages using HS Touch Designer.

    Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong???

    In the Immediate Script box, I have put the following command.
    I have loaded the Toshiba TV Channel Down command, and loaded it into the database.

    &hs.sendir "Toshiba TV,CHANNEL DOWN"

    thank you!

    I would rule HSTouch out of the equation first, go into the HS Web page and click control, put that command in and see if it works.

    I have a feeling it will, because I think I remember for whatever reason HSTouch does not accept IR commands with spaces in them - I had to edit all of mine to ChannelUp, VolumeDown etc to get around this.


      I have tried on the control screen in the HS Web page, and it does not work. I have tried with or without spaces, but no joy.

      I did create an event using the IR command, and that did work. I really don't want to have to create events for the combinations - but that is my fall back option.


        I agree - there should be no need for you to use events here.

        Can you attach a small screenshot here of your IR signals page for an idea about what sort of IR keys you have.


          I have found the answer! I thought round your response, and it will work if I put an underscore in instead of the spaces.

          Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction.


            glad you got it working, not really sure why it does this but still thankfully you can work around it...