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[VB.NET] Snevl CNN Headlines

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    [VB.NET] Snevl CNN Headlines

    HS board member Electron (or is it xplosive?) wrote a VBScript script long ago to scrape the headlines off the CNN site. Later someone (I think Rupp) updated it to pull the RSS feed rather than scrape the data. A few years ago I converted it to VB.NET and added some stuff to have it post the news headlines on my BetaBrite sign.

    This version pulls all the headlines, puts them into a device string (default is to put each headline as HTML hyperlink to the CNN story), and optionally will announce some number of the headlines. Oh, and I removed all the LED sign stuff.

    The ZIP includes instructions for installation and customization (in the docs directory), as well as a sample INI file (in the config directory) and the script.

    I threw this together kinda quickly, but I think it should work as advertised. Post any issues, questions, or suggestions over in the discussion forum (

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