As you'll very quickly work out I'm no developer, but having Googled my way through getting this working, I thought I should share.

This file needs to go in the /html folder under the 'main' Homeseer folder.

The OW-Server (see www.embeddeddatasystems.com) needs to be configured with an address to post its data to, e.g.: http://{homeseer IP address}/OneWireUpload.aspx on the 'POST CLIENT SETUP' page.

I use this to get temperature values and light levels and update Homeseer devices accordingly. I take a rolling average of the light levels and also an average between the front and the back of the house and then use these values to decide when to turn different lights on or off. This probably adds unnecessary complexity which most people won't need and can chop out.

I've also attached an example xml file from the One-Wire server showing the sort of information you can get form it.

If anyone has ideas on making it more efficient or other improvements, please feel free to comment, but be gentle, this is one of my first endeavours..



PS Is there any way for an amateur like me to 'pre-validate' my scripts ahead of the HS3 release? Can the like of me get access to the HS3 SDK?
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