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Monoprice Matrix HDMI Switch

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  • Moskus
    Do you happen to know if it works with this matrix?

    And what is a "serial server", and which one do you use?


    EDIT: The monoprice 8151 does NOT use the same protocoll. However, it can easily be controlled using ASCII-commands. No weird pinouts either.
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  • jon00
    If in the UK (or Europe), I believe the following site sells the same 4 X 4 HDMI matrix under a different badge.

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  • drule
    started a topic Monoprice Matrix HDMI Switch

    Monoprice Matrix HDMI Switch

    This is a plugin that controls a couple of models of Matrix HDMI switches from Monoprice. These switches can be controlled via front panel buttons, IR signal, or over a serial cable. This plugin uses serial to control the switch. It can also receive status message from the switches.

    4x2 switch:
    4x4 switch:

    Multiple devices are added to Homeseer. One for controlling the power and memory settings of the switch and one for each of the outputs. This screenshot is from a 4x2 switch.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	mp1.jpg
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    You can configure the plugin to use a physical COM port (or USB->Serial adapter), or if you have a serial server, you can configure the plugin to connect to it via tcp. If using serial, use the format COM:X, where X is the com port number. If using tcp, use the format ipaddrort.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	mp2.jpg
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    After the plugin has discovered a Matrix switch (or switches) it creates triggers for events based on outputs changing, inputs becoming available, etc.
    Click image for larger version

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    It also creates actions for controlling the switch. Eg power up/down, change output, etc.
    Click image for larger version

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    The Monoprice switches have an unusual serial port configuration. People on various home automation and A/V fora have reported different findings. The cable pinout that's working for me is a DB9-DB9 with pins 2 & 3 crossed but all other pins straight-thru. A kind of half null-modem cable! ;-)

    To install the plugin, simply drop the dll in your Homeseer directory.


    8/31/2012 - Updated.
    Setup page revamped. No longer need to manually edit ini file during initial setup.
    Trapping errors that caused plugin and homeseer to crash if a command was sent to a switch that wasn't seen by the plugin.
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