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[VB.NET] BDGraphs: Device value recording and graphing (charts)

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    [VB.NET] BDGraphs: Device value recording and graphing (charts)

    ** HS3 VERSION 2.0.0 RELEASED 5/31/2014

    While there are some excellent database examples and chart tools on the forum, none met my particular needs & desires for simple data recording and graph generation from that data.

    Attached is BDGraphs, which is a HomeSeer Device Value Recording and Graph Making utility that:
    - Records and deletes device values of multiple different HomeSeer devices into a common Access (.mdb) database.
    - Organizes data in discreet tables named by device name, using Date and Device Name columns.
    - Generates graphs (charts) from the database data, using native charting in the .NET 4.0 framework.
    - Can display up to 10 HomeSeer devices’ values on one graph.
    - Can automatically put graphs into device strings for viewing on the HS Device Management page.
    - Is operated simply via events by running functions of one .vben (encrypted .vb) script.
    - Allows for graph customization (size, type, colors, etc.) via multiple definable styles.
    - Does not require internet service, 3rd party chart tools, or any programming skills.
    - Is free!

    Per forum rules, please do not reply in this thread. Rather use this discussion thread: This HS3 version is an initial release and *may*... no, **will** have some bugs!

    Please read PDF in Docs folder for instructions before hitting the forum for help!

    HS3 version 2.0.0 download ZIP here
    HS2 version 1.0.9 download ZIP here:

    Pending Features:
    - More graph format styles: 3D, colors, lines, sizes, axes, legends, etc.
    - Delete database tables.
    - Conversion to ‘Plug-in format’ for ease of editing and customization – NEED HELP HERE!
    - “Duty cycle” calculations.

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