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    Daily Reminders [Script]

    Current version: V2.3.4 March 3/2016

    Update History

    Versions 1.03 - 2.14. Comments removed from this post.

    - Adds Date range validity for reminders. Dates may be entered in a variety of formats including fixed Start and Stop, Indefinite Start and Stop or Mixed formats.
    - Added data validation. Most invalid data should be intercepted on entry and marked as such in the Next Date field. Invalid reminders are not executed.
    - Invalid and Paused reminders remain at the top of the displayed reminders list. Expired reminders appear at the bottom of the reminders list if retained.
    - Moved reminder expiry to the Next Date field so in the event expired reminders are not deleted (configuration option), repeat and period data is not altered.
    - Added "Pause" entry to suspend reminders while keeping them available for future use.
    - Removed "O" (once per week) option from the period field as it was redundant and could be accomplished more effectively using a period of 7 Days or 1 Week.
    - Added "E" option to the Period field. This represents "End of Month" execution. Reminders can be scheduled to execute only on the last day of the month.
    - Clarified Device expansion and Redirection functions in documentation. { } are used to define redirection; [ ] denote Device String Expansion.
    - A version of the Daily Reminders Redirection script produced for use under HS3. This function deserves attention as it vastly expands the functions available.
    - The redirection script is freely editable to add custom functions.
    - Removed Daily Reminders Redirection event. This function is handled internally. If upgrading, do delete this event as it will no longer function correctly.
    - Data files created by previous versions of the script are fully compatible. New fields will be added on first execution.

    - Fixed a potential bug in entering a defined date repeating reminder without having entered a next date. This now works as intended, Next will auto-fill if not entered manually..
    - Some test code remained in v2.31. This will probably have caused some problems with rescheduling reminders. This went unnoticed with the test schedules I was using and only showed up while running my working data. I apologize for this. v2.34 should be good.
    - Updated the ASP page. Page Header now works under HS3.
    Affected Files: Daily Reminders.vben, DailyReminders.ash, Daily Reminders.pdf. No need to replace configuration or data files.

    Previously created reminder data should be fully compatible. Additional fields are created where needed when the data is first re-saved using the ASP page.

    Function redirection has been broken out into a separate field making it's use simpler. Previously, redirection was embedded in the text of reminders. This method has a much cleaner look and simplifies editing of reminders. The Redirection script has been re-written so that functions are called directly rather than being processed through a "Main" routine.

    Text substitution is more in line with methods already utilized within Homeseer. Includes DeviceString, DeviceValue, Date, Time and DayOfWeek substitution.

    To upgrade, replace all files with the exception of your Data and Configuration. Run the ASP page, re-saving your data. Additional fields will be automatically created. If redirection or text substitution were previously used, these methods have changed and will require attention (see the DOC). Previously created reminders including redirection/substitution will not be altered, and will require manual intervention.

    Added the facility to insert SAPI tags into reminder text.

    Both the ASH and VBEN files need to be replaced for an existing installation. Previous data files are compatible with this version.
    See the updated PDF documentation for usage.


    Read the documentation carefully before running the script. Some options and functions have changed from previous versions.

    Copy the new files into the Homeseer directory and follow the instructions in the included Documentation. IF you are upgrading, make a backup of your Daily Reminders.csv file in the Homeseer\Data\Daily Reminders folder prior to copying the new files. You can restore your file following the upgrade.
    Discussion can be found here:
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