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DISCUSSION: Alarm clock with early event triggering and no HST programming

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    This is cool!

    I just got my Concord 4 tied back in for sound through my alarm speaker... and thought of setting up stuff like this.
    I'm up at 5am and while I have events setup for outside lights..
    I thought of doing other things.

    I guess I am curious what the benefit of this would be vs a standard event for say..
    @5am, Dim hallway, kitchen lights @25%
    @5:15am, speak - Jeff should of left for work (may bother wife hah)

    but another for wife/kids.. knowing what time they need to be out..and up

    I was just going to do events but curios if my use would be better with this script setup?
    HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

    HS - HS3 Pro Edition

    Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

    Hardware - EdgePort/4 DB9 Serial | RFXCOM 433MHz USB Transceiver | Superbus 2000 for Concord 4 | TI103 X-10 Interface | WGL Designs W800 RF | Z-Net Z-Wave Interface