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    World Tides

    A simple script which retrieves tidal data for [virtually] any coastal location in the world, and populates a Homeseer device with current data (Rising/Ebbing & current height) as well as any available number of upcoming tides.
    A CSV is available containing about one week of data and can be used for generating HTML or other tables if required.

    Discussion here:

    As of V1.4, the package is compatible with both HS2 and HS3 without modification.

    v1.4.2 Corrects a problem when used under HS3 v3.0.0.147 and beyond.
    - User can optionally define alternate graphics files. See addendum.txt

    v1.5.1 The site went down sometime around December 24th 2015. This required a bit of a re-write which also enabled a few improvements to the operation of the script and presentation of data.
    Note that the configuration procedure has changed so it is advisable to disable the existing event during the reconfiguration process. In addition it might be advisable to delete your existing data file to avoid any possible errors. The documentation has been updated to aid in the installation/transition process.

    v1.5.2 A small change to the web site from which this data is scraped broke the previous version. This will fix things.
    I've noticed this morning that the site now allows the data to be download as a file. I'll be working toward using this data.

    v1.5.3 Fixes an error which occurred if the data file had not been initially populated due to erroneous configuration.

    v1.5.5 Several fixes:
    - Fixed an error where if a tide occurred between 12:00AM and 12:59AM it would be interpreted as PM
    - Fixed Sun/Moon Times. Previously, if the download interval were more than 24 hours, times would reflect only the first day downloaded
    - Improved Immediate Tide level calculation. Immediate tides are correctly represented as a sinusoidal waveform. Most River Current locations will be correctly calculated however I've noticed some do not follow a purely sinusoidal curve being influenced by other factors. These are closely calculated.
    - Possible problem with file open error fixed. If there was any problem in reading data, file wasn't closed before executing a new download.
    - Occasionally, High/Low tides would become unsyncronized during a download. Fixed.
    - Recently for some reason all of the site reference numbers wer shuffled at the source. Apparently, it wasn't only the site from which this data is derived which was affected, but was a global change.
    While such an occurrence isn't expected to repeat, in case it does, you'll notice the name of your chosen site is displayed at the top of the device string. Should the site change, either at the source, or by your choice, a log entry will be written and the new site name will appear in Red on the first subsequent download.

    v1.5.5.1 Site Change fix.

    v1.5.6.1 Fix for Raspberry Pi (& other Linux installations)
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