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    iTach SendIR

    I have a few questions about sending IR commands from HomeSeer to my iTach.

    I have tried hs.SendIR "Den TV,ON" with no response. All of my learned IR's work fine. I can use an event with no problem. Could it be the space in Den TV?

    If so can the location Den TV be updated on the locations list to DenTV with out loss of the location info?

    Can you use hs.SendIR "6" where the 6 is the signal location?

    How do you use the IP/Serial plugin to send IR. I have the IP/serial plugin in use with SiriProxy.

    All answers are appreciated.


    HSTouch certainly had problems with any spaces in the string parameters after .SendIR. I learned the hard way after learning and writing about 40 IR codes. Not a great deal of documentation about the .sendIR commands unfortunately but interestingly there is no space in the help file example.