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    Yes - Scripts

    It was late in the evening when I posted this but I have no excuse because English IS my first language. Thanks for understanding what I meant when I said Events and not Scripts.

    If you could allow a script to be run directly and supply a parameter it would make just about anything possible and simple via a URL using Textseer.

    Posting all of the URL options on a thread here would be very nice.

    You should start a Paypal Donation account. I would contribute a few dollars.



      The plugin is updated, download 0.0.3 here:

      It now supports scripts and "smart toggle" (toggle between "off" and "On Last Level" IF IT EXISTS or just "On" if not.

      Also I'm doing some caching of the device list, to speed things up. It gets refreshed every 5 minutes now.
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        Wow - Quick Work - Thanks

        Thanks for the quick work.

        Question - If you specify

        parameter=some value

        on the URL it always matches the FIRST parameter in the header of your script function no matter the name of the parameter in the script header.

        I have this in a script called test.vb:
        Sub Main(Parm1 as Object)
          hs.WriteLog("TextSeer", "Test text.vb script passed parm1 = (" & Parm1 & ")"  )
        end sub
        in the script.

        and the URL is (with real values substituted for the xxx):
        I get this in the log:
        Test text.vb script passed parm1 = (val1)
        This implies you can pass only a single parameter which is OK because I could append several values with delimiters like (a;b;c) and parse them in the script.

        Can you verify that I am using this correctly?

        THANKS for the new features.


          TextSeer works well to read HS4 Device values with Windows 10. Using TextSeer to read local values from a remote server using JavaScript.