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[VB.NET] PlugWise plug-in 2.0 (Energy measurement)

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  • Rien du Pre
    HS3 version is in beta now, please contact me if you're interested...

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  • Rien du Pre
    started a topic [VB.NET] PlugWise plug-in 2.0 (Energy measurement)

    [VB.NET] PlugWise plug-in 2.0 (Energy measurement)

    Hi all,

    This plug-in has not been heavily discussed here, but I like to let you know that I created a new version of the PlugWise plug-in
    PlugWise is Dutch company, but is operating internationally and their devices are sold around the globe. See their website
    For the record, I'm not working for PlugWise, nor have any relationship with them, except the fact I am using trier products.

    So version 2.0 is now available !!!
    I want to thank Rene for creating the foundation of the Plug-in and Roel, Jilles and Ruther for their beta testing.

    You can download the plug-in zipfile HERE

    You can download the documentation HERE (PDF document)

    See the documentation how to respond to issues and bugs

    Short list of new/changed functions

    New since version 1.2
    - Support for PlugWise Sense
    - Support for Smile P1 (Gas and Electricity)
    - Support for 2 PlugWise networks
    - More configuration options
    - No on/off buttons when a device is locked, virtual or not a circle, stealth etc.
    - Support the use of PlugWise native icons
    - Indication icon for devices which generate power
    - Description off the type of the plugwise device (like Circle, Circle+, Sense, Stealth, etc..)
    - Support for a separate homeseer device which holds the total usage of a device (for events and calculations)
    - Support for a separate homeseer device which holds today's total usage of a device (for events and calculations)
    - Possibility to create separate temperature and humidity devices (for events and calculations)
    - Version 1.2 chart support has been removed/replaced. Now it's possible to create a chart as a .PNG file for all the devices automatically (For today's usage, monthly usage, and yearly usage)
    - If a device in skipped in totals in the source software, it will also be skipped in the homeseer totals device

    Known issues
    - Error in XML processing for modules, when new plugwise devices are not yet fully configured in Source

    Future plans
    - HS3 version
    - Switch and Scan support (this depends on the support of the Plugwise development team)

    Have fun !!
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