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Goldline AquaConnect Serial Interface Plugin

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    Goldline AquaConnect Serial Interface Plugin

    For those of you that have a Goldline Controls (by hayward) swimming pool controller and also have the Aqua Connect Serial Home Automation Interface Module (AQ-CO-SERIAL) here is a plugin that you may be able to use.

    It was my first attempt at writing a plugin and I am not a programmer. So, although it ain't pretty, it has worked for me for a couple of years and I figured I would share it with you HomeSeer's with a hope some of you will get some use out if it .

    Basic features:
    • Creates Devices for all controller buttons
    • Creates additional devices which I have found useful:
      1. Pool temp
      2. Spa temp
      3. Chlorinator Setting
      4. Spa Heater Setpoint
      5. Pool Heater Setpoint
      6. Salt Level
      7. Heater Status
    • Creates Event Actions to simulate pressing controller buttons (useful using HSTouch)
    • Has macro for single button adjustments to heater set point (amazing this feature is not built in to controller)

    To use just drop the HSPI file into your HS directory and set the serial port com port on the interface page. You will notice that I did not create a real plugin config tired of messing with it before reached that point

    It assumes you have the Controller with 16 Auxiliary buttons...if you don't, then you can just ignore or delete the ones you don't use. Feel free to rename the devices as you see fit...the plugin does not depend on the device name to function properly.

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