There are really great plugins and scripts for garden irrigation, but after many years of Homeseer practicing, I always try to have things running in an independent and simple way when Homeseer or its computer is not operational.
Therefore I am using a cheap independent irrigation controller and I am quite happy with it for programming schedules and manual override, except for a few reasons where HS help is needed, just to disable irrigation:
-I don't want to water if the highest temp of the day is above a certain limit.
- I don't want to water when it will be raining today or tomorrow.
- I don't want to water in certain conditions, when we have a party with people on the lawn for example.
- The weatherXML plugin is used to update the weather forecast data.
WheatherXml plugin is Written by CFGuy and available here:
- Conditions for not watering are build in a setup page.
- The script can turn ON/OFF two devices (X-10 universal relay, z-wave relay or any other that you can manage in your HS setup). These can be either NO or NF relays.

Discussion thread here :
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