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HS3 and Device Object

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    HS3 and Device Object

    Just going through trying to get some scripts working with HS3. The following snippet works fine in HS2 but errors in HS3

    DevEnum = hs.GetDeviceEnumerator
    If Not DevEnum Is Nothing Then
    Do While Not DevEnum.Finished
    objDevice = DevEnum.GetNext
    If Not objDevice Is Nothing Then
    dvCode = objDevice.hc & objDevice.dc

    However when I run in HS3 that final line causes an "error 3"

    Any ideas ? I can share the whole code if that helps ?

    Update - So I've found in the scripting documentation, it looks like the .hc and .dc propterties are no longer supported. I can't see any other properties that look like they will provide the code.

    My question now then, is how do you find the devicecode of the instance of the device object you are currently iterating using the hs.GetDeviceEnumerator call.

    Thanks again.


    Last edited by Phill; November 16, 2013, 06:51 AM.

    Phil - the HS3 forums might be better for a faster answer until HS3 is released.

    The hc/dc is indeed gone, replaced with Code, and Code is also a part of Address - all of these and a ton of script commands to get devices based on parts of these are very well documented. Go to the HELP link in HS3.

    Rick Tinker (a.k.a. "Tink")