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    Originally posted by S-F View Post
    I'm seeing an enormous amount of these errors:

    <table class="log_table_row" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="LogType0" colspan="3" align="left">drhsIpPlugIn </td><td class="LogEntry0" colspan="8" align="left"> Method Capabilities does not exist in this plugin. </td></tr></tbody></table><table class="log_table_row" cellspacing="0"><tbody><tr><td class="LogType1" colspan="3" align="left">
    </td><td class="LogEntry1" colspan="8" align="left">
    </td></tr></tbody></table>Am I doing something wrong?
    That error isn't generated by the plugin, sounds like HS doesn't like something. What version of HS are you running, which version of the plugin and are you on Windows or Linux?



      Originally posted by S-F View Post
      Great. You've got me heading in the right direction. On the connections tab what are Multicast Group, Proxy and Script? I filled out the Name, Type, Host/Client and Port fields but when I go to create an event the connection dropdown has nothing in it.... ? Do I need to restart the plugin or something?
      A multicast group is a way to send packets to multiple devices at once. I added support for it to the plugin because my GlobalCache iTach uses it to broadcast notifications when one of its sensors changes state. I don't know if anybody else has found any other use for it.

      If you configure a proxy, data received by one connection is retransmitted 'as is' to another connection. You might want to use this to forward data from a TCP connection to a serial device for instance.

      A script if specified, is a Homeseer script that gets called when data is received by a connection. The data is passed to the script. There are a few examples in this thread.

      Hope that helps in lieu of documentation I haven't got around to writing just yet! :-)



        I'm on HS3 .222, the last version of this plugin posted (.16?) and Windows. WHS 2011 to he exact. Server 2008 R2.
        Originally posted by rprade
        There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


          Can the IP / Serial run a remote instance on a different Windows computer? I see other plugins and HS3 support this. I need to have serial control of my Samsung TV. Problem is distance from HS machine (with no local com ports) and TV area Win 7 computer running PVR and Kodi. It has USB>Comp port dongle that works and I can send command to TV via RS-232 Ex-link port from that computer. Now I want to do that from the HS3 machine.

          I am trying to decide my next step. I can run a cable through attic from HS3 machine to the TV and move the existing USB>Serial dongle to the HS machine to give it a physical port and connect via cable. I have the cable but it is a PITA to get to that area of my attic. Hind sight is if I do this again to run plenty of extra cables when walls are still opened and it is easy. I did a few extra CAT5 and some 22/4 but used them for other things. Now I have no spare runs and need a serial connection for the TV to complete automation of whole AV system (Sonos, Win7 MCE, Pioneer receiver, CATV box, and Apple TV). The only thing HS3 cant control is my TV On/Off. I just do not have options of an IR blaster or emitter for the TV. I have Ultra's GC plugin and a small GC IPIR box. Should have maybe bought the bigger GC-100 with a serial port.

          Second option but more expensive might be a Global Cache IP to Serial box but I am out of network ports in that area. They make a WiFi > Serial device at well but it cost a bit more and do not want to deal with Wifi.

          I am looking around online to see if there are cheap options to make an existing COM port on a windows machine "networked" so the IP/Serial plugin can send it commands.

          Or possibly run the plugin remotely on the TV windows machine itself.

          I have read thorough the pages on how the Plugin has evolved and am impressed and inspired with many ideas. This is my first application of the plugin. I have it installed and setup just need the make the 75-100' serial connection easy and cheap.


            I tried to run it remotely on a different Win7 computer and it seems to ignore or not support remote instances. It would start up and connect to

            Gave up on that and since the weather is just perfect here in Florida today went up to attic and pulled a 22/4 wire to use as the serial line back to HS.

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              could you give a quick example of sending a telnet command?


                Help with Telnet

                Thanks for your plugin, I have it installed but can't find a lot of info on how to send telnet commands.
                I am running HS3 on windows 7. Got it installed fine.
                On connections do I put in address box
                telnet 192.168.x.x user,pass to get and keep connection?
                then just make my commands in TCP?
                Raw text for my commands? it is telnet commands for Lutron Homeworks


                  Trigger on string and then trim response


                  I have the plugin working with my Xbox360 to listen for data received from Media Center. Utilizing your pass-thru script this all works well writing to my HS log. The issues I'm running into are first getting an event to fire when a string is received in the log. The string in question is MediaName= which I've tried C-Escaped with \n \r and with spaces added i.e. \ n \ r but can't get the event to fire even though I see this text in the log file coming back from the 360 and processed by the pass-thru script. The second thing I'd like help with from anyone who may know how is how to process the string to leave only the information I want to store in a virtual device for media name.

                  Any and all help appreciated.

                  Running HS3 Pro ver. and version of your plugin.




                    Events issues with drhsip

                    Hi everyone, nice plugin by the way but I have a problem when I try to choose the connection name in the event management of HS3 (version .228), nothing shows with the drhsifPlugin:ReceiveTrigger! I should see con2 in the drop down list. I have the latest version of the plugin (version .21). When I launch in developer mode here's what I see.

                    Any ideas to help me?



                      I've installed the drhsipplugin to control my relay card Intronico MFC-8800.
                      Sending commands to the outputs works OK, but receiving status of the
                      inputs doesn't work.
                      In the plugin I've configured the MFC-8800 as client (for the outputs)
                      and as host (for the inputs).
                      - See attached picture ! -
                      Controlling the outputs shows the correct received string in the HSlog.
                      If I open/close an input of the MFC-8800 there is nothing to see in the HSlog.
                      Where is the issue ?

                      Best regards,
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                        I am new to homeseer, and started playing around with the serial plugin. Altogether this is looking like an awesome solution. I have homeseer connected via serial to a Sonance c4630 6 zone multi-channel amp. I have commands all set, and have been able to create events without issue to do some basic things and they work!

                        Goal: I use the stock version of hstouch on my phone, and would like to control the amp's most basic zone capabilities. volume, source, and power in the app somehow

                        How would one go about doing this? Is it a separate device for each capability of the amp? ie a device for zone1, zone2, etc. Then the zone has volume controls... What kind of device do I need, and how do I actually set this up.

                        Here is a sample of commands I'm targeting.

                        Now status queries follow the same format as the serial commands, except that the SETTING is replaced with a question mark character. ie :V2? returns the volume status for zone 2. Do I need to create status commands for each item too?

                        Summary- How do I end up with a volume slider w/ current volume status and per zone power icon? Ideally since I am am only testing functionality, if I can avoid using hstouch designer at this point, that would be ideal as I don't care about aesthetic.

                        I am hoping I don't have to write crazy amounts of code.


                          Originally posted by drule View Post
                          That error isn't generated by the plugin, sounds like HS doesn't like something. What version of HS are you running, which version of the plugin and are you on Windows or Linux?


                          Have you had any time to put any thought into this? I'm still seeing this error a few hundred times a day.
                          Originally posted by rprade
                          There is no rhyme or reason to the anarchy a defective Z-Wave device can cause


                            Is there any way to change the logging, so it doesn't constantly fill my log queue?



                              First of all, thanks to those responsible for making this Plug-In available! I am not sure if it is being actively developed but if it is, I am curious if something could be added?


                              I simply send out ASCII to external software that displays a message on the screen of my PC and other devices I have.

                              I created an event as follows:

                              IF This event is MANUALLY triggered
                              THEN drhsIPPlugIn: Send command Connection Test-Message Select Command: Test Message Text

                              It indeed works great. What I would like to do is have the Plug-In use whatever text I place in a text box for the "Select Command" area so I do not have to define a bunch of phrases as commands in the PI and can just copy events and type the message there. Is there any way to accomplish this or get this added so it can insert whatever text I would type into the transmitted string? I am looking for exclusively a Plug-In solution and not interested in any front-end script-based solution.

                              Your thoughts?




                                Nuvo Grand Concerto

                                I'm trying to communicate with my Grand Concerto and I'm not able to send any successfull commands.

                                I'm using COM4 baud 57600,N,8,1 as recommended.

                                If I'm using Putty (terminal emulator) on the same COM port (after stopping my connection in the plugin of course) and sending the string *Z1ON to turn on the zone, it works perfectly I'm receiving the confirmation from the Grand Concerto that the zone is on.. The string type is ASCII, I'm assuming that selecting Raw Text in the plugin is the equivalent...

                                When I do the exact same thing in the plugin:
                                - Setting COM4 to 57600,N,8,1
                                - Creating a connection with type = serial and address = 4
                                - Creating a command with raw text type sending the text = *Z1ON

                                I see that the plugin sends the string (log shows successfully connected to COM4 and sending 9 bytes) I don't have any feedback and the zone stays OFF.

                                Even more interesting, If I manually turn ON and OFF the zone with the keypad on the wall, I receive the feedback in the plugin!! It shows that I'm connected to the Concerto... I suspect that sending "Raw text" will modify in some way the string we are sending...

                                Can someone help?