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    I would definitely support the development of this via API. Testing, etc. as well as paying for a working and supported plugin. The only thing I can't integrate into Homeseer efficiently right now is my Bryant system. It does work with Alexa but I would love it to be integrated into HS as well.


      Originally posted by woody1961 View Post
      I applied for an development package from Carrier tonight. We'll see if they respond. I doubt I'll find much spare time to try and write a plugin, and certainly don't have the desire to maintain one. But if no one else does it I may try to coble something together this year over Christmas break.

      Carrier has an open API, but it requires an OAuth2 token issued by Carrier to access it.

      If any of the 'real' HomeSeer developers are interested in developing a plugin, info on their developer program is here:

      The API is documented here and except for the OAuth2 authentication, seems straightforward, returning JSON or XML responses:

      Any response from Carrier? I'm sure theres donations for writing the plug in sooner!


        I'm sorry I have lost track of this topic I will have to read this over... I seem to believe that there is no official plugin for this.
        My suggestion is to notify Carrier that we need better control over this thermostat. Am I correct?


          Well I lost Alexa control because of an incompatibility issue. Carrier and Amazon are working on this. A plugin for HS3 would be most welcome seeing how Amazon and Carrier cant get it right.

          Well my firmware updates just stopped automatically updating on thermostat. The thermostat now works with Alexa but with limited control.
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            I just installed a Carrier Infinity unit and discovered that such a high functioning unit has so limited an interface to the real world. I am sorry that I do not have the skill sets to develop this interface, but am sure that the availabilility has a financial opportunity as Interfacing to the Infinity world is not only cumbersome but also limiting (especially when you cannot integrate it into a true "smarthome" environment).

            Where does this plugin sit and where can I find outsome info on what it is capable of doing.

            Is there anything that can be done to help make a full function interface work and be available?

            On another note, is there a Google home interface?


              Has everyone given up on this interface to the Bryant/Carrier system .. if not can I get an update as I want to support next steps for this product .. as what Carrier provides is very limited