IP Phone Interface for HomeSeer is a plug-in that enables Cisco IP phones to act as a control panel for HomeSeer. It provides alerting, information display and home interaction capabilities, and is customized and controlled from within the HomeSeer web interface.

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Release History

Version 1.1.0 (06-06-2016)
- Resolved issue (Bug #5) where screens with an expiration were immediately closing if it was the first screen to be loaded for the application
- Fixed issue where the when drilling down and then navigating back in device list the title text did not match the current menu options
- In the Event action "Push Custom Alert" the Title Text field is no longer used, and will be removed in the next release. Alerts now display a timestamp instead
- Combined Exit and Back softkeys in Devices screen type. When drilling down into items, Exit key returns to previous level until at root level
- No longer go to Index when using the "Go Back" exit key option. If we have no previous screens in URL, then exit the application
- Updated ipphonexml.aspx (version to now send requesting client's IP address to the GetPNGOutput function so we can look up device type
- Under the hood improvements to the functions responsible for submitting POST data to IP phones

Version 1.0.0 (11-15-2015)
- Initial stable release

Installation and User Guide

Cisco Communications Manager Express or Unified Communications Manager is required and will still provide the core telephony capabilities for the IP phones. This plug-in has been developed primarily for use with Cisco 7900 and 9900 series IP phones, however newer models that utilize the XML Services API should also work. For additional support information and system requirements, please refer to the documentation.

Attention beta users!

For those who are running a beta version, upgrading to a stable release will be a familiar process. Your configurations will be supported as long as you are always moving to a larger version number. Beta releases will continue being made available on Sourceforge.net as I test new functionality.

Download beta releases

If you must downgrade, either to an earlier beta build or to a stable release, it is recommended that you use a backup of your configuration file to avoid corruption due to new or changed file formatting.
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