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Thrag's Alexa(Echo) Skill and HA Bridge Autoconfigurator

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    Thrag's Alexa(Echo) Skill and HA Bridge Autoconfigurator

    New thread for major new revision!

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot reply to this thread. For questions and comments post to the discussion thread here.)

    Now this script combines the power of a locally running Alexa Skill for full featured control of Homeseer with the ability to automatically configure the Alexa HA Bridge so you can control lighting and similar devices more directly (i.e. without having to say "tell home seer to" for each command).

    You can use both this Skill and the HA Bridge separately or together. Using both gives you the ability to control on/off/dim devices directly as Alexa Connected Home devices by saying just "Alexa, turn on device" with the HA Bridge, and to run events or control more complex devices like thermostats through the skill by saying "Alexa, tell (you house's name) to run event" or "Alexa, tell (you house's name) to set heating setpoint to 68".

    For new users: Get the zip file. Follow the short instructions in the readme. Then load the page and read the much longer instructions. The HA Bridge autoconfigurator is quick and easy to set up. The Skill takes longer.

    For existing users: If you want to use the HA Bridge configurator there are new configuration parameters to add to the ini file. They are listed in the instructions about setting up the bridge configurator and they are also in the sample ini file (with sample values to be replaced).
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