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    Tempature only

    Looking For a Script to Return tempature only (numerically) from any local weather web site to use to make decisions for other Hoomeseer sripts, and commands. I.E. If it is 80 degrees outside turn on the Air Conditioner, RCF therostats take up an entire house code, this would be a way to check tempature without, using up the entire house code

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    If you setup the weather script from the scripts lib. you can then add the line below to get the temp into a device value. You can turn off most of the updates in the script if you do not want to use the entire house code. The script is well documented, take a look at it.

    I added to code below to move the temperature into a device string. Once in the device string
    I use events to turn on and off the heat in my Cat house


    Playstring1 = CInt(Playstring1)

    'GK code to set temp as number into device value
    hs.SetDeviceValue strHCode &strUnitTemp, playstring1


      Using the terrific WeatherReport2 script as a starting point, I set up a virtual device: w11
      and put the following line in the script:

      hs.SetDeviceString "w11", playstring1


        This might be over kill but the Weather Report2 has been updated to WeatherMan. I've added a new feature that puts a bunch of info (data only comma delimited) into a Virtual device. I've also put an example script in the discussion thread that will parse this info and let you do whatever you want to do.

        The script can be found here: WeatherMan
        The discussion group can be found here: WeatherMan Script Discussion

        Also, note that I'm in the process of trying to add the creation of these devices and the parsing process into the script.

        If you need any help please let me know.