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    asp mypage help

    I have used asp for my own access to hs for a long time. Probably not a great solution but it gave/gives me what I needed and I could kind of sort of understand it and maintain it. The attached is for HS3 and just about ready to replace my HS2 with it.

    I don't know HTML or asp or vb (and I'm pretty certain my coding style doesn't conform to any conventions...) well at all and my method is more like the blind squirrel approach, coupled with suggestions from others and the inevitable googling...

    I have two questions that I would like to solve. First I would like to eliminate the annoying resubmit dialog. I have seen other proposed solutions like this: header('location:your page.php') but have no idea where to insert it and hopefully, it doesn't need to be php along with the negative comments on this solution.

    The other problem is the screen flash with the form rewrites. I have seen some proposed solutions for this too but not certain how to stung into my asp.

    I'm just looking for something really simple that I could use

    Anyway, even as is I'm happy enough as it is if no help is forthcoming as its okay but always appreciate the suggestions I get here...
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