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Determining if a site is online or not

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  • Determining if a site is online or not

    Ok, this is a strange one, and I am not quite sure how to go about it.

    I just registered a domain name and have ample server space at the Miami Data center. This server is set up with MS web server and is 100% ASP capable. This allows me to use the domain, with my dynamic IP address. This will also allow me to have a larger site on the web, and not server everything here locally at only 64k uplink speeds.

    I want to put a link on a page on the server to my HS site here locally. I want to have a graphical button appear if my HS server is online or offline. Online is easy, call the image from HS here locally. But I dont want a broken image if HS is offline.

    I am uploading a small page that redirects to HS when my IP address changes. the Link to HS on the remote site links to that page, and then auto-redirects to the local HS server.

    I guess what I need is some sort of asp code that will display an "online" button, and if not, an "offline" button.

    Is there a way with asp to possibly do something like the code below, if the image exists, then the HS server is up and running, or another command to test if it is up and working?

     <% if exists Then response.write "online.giX" else response.write offline.giX %>
    (I had to alter the above code to giX instead of gif as it was trying to intrepet the images, even through they are wrapped in the code tag)

    The "IF" section is the part I do not know how to test if HS is actually up and running or not.

    Any help is greatly appreceaited.
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