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Homeseer web page development questions

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    Homeseer web page development questions

    I've seen several examples of very slick homeseer web pages, with sortable columns, various colour schemes, cleverly grouped items ... and now I am jealous.

    Any tips on how to customize the out of box homeseer pages without compromising security or functionality?

    Any help, suggestions, examples, etc., are welcome -- I have basic skills in HTML and have modified ASP files before, but could use a lot of guidance ....


    If you just want to modify colors, you can edit the style.css stylesheet in the html folder. I presume you want to customize more. Lots of users use the UltraView pages. Look in the Ultra Scripts and Plug-Ins forum for info. I'm not sure if these will work with HS 2.0. There are plenty of other Web interafces too. Why don't you identify some of the pages that you're interested in and I'm sure somebody will explain what was used to create them.


      Thanks for the reply, examples included

      I've downloaded UltraView and am reading up on how to implement it now -- Thanks.

      Also, two examples I've seen that I particularly like are:

      Your suggestion is particularly good, in that I might simply contact these folks to see what they've done!



        I know that Tom Kern uses UltraView Status for his main page. He helped me out a bit when I was setting it up.


          The first page you referenced is a UltraStatus deployment. The second link doesn't allow guest access so I can't comment on that one.
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            Lance Norton (second link) also uses UltraStatus.


              Yep confirmed I use UltraStatus(UltraView), but until I get everything running again I have disabled Guest access (sorry Rupp), but it really looks a mess right now.


                Thanks! Starting the journey of exploration with UltraView

                Thanks for the pointers and responses! I'm knee deep in UltraView and look forward to being able to post a piffy new homeseer sote myself in the near future.



                  Hey guys, been out of the loop for a while. I did use Ultra Status with much success, but have recently converted it over to straight HTML since ultrastratus does not seem to work for me under HS 2.0. It locks up on the xsl data refresh. Though my look-a-like ultra status page is not as perfect as I'd like, it is coming along and is almost back to normal. If you cannot get in to the site now that it's 2.0, please let me know.


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                    Would you mind sharing your status page? I wouldn't copy it, but I would learn alot seeing how you dit it.



                      Toms Site !

                      If you go to his site, and look in the guest downloads area, you will see his file. It is called systemstatus.asp.

                      It is about halfway down the page. I got it from him when I first started last year with hs2, worked as a great reference for me. If you send him an e-mail, he is more that helpful with his responses.



                        Yes there are many wonderful HS sites both in the US, UK Netherlands and the rest of the world.

                        They were all built with what the person was comfortable using. I personally, with HS2 just use HTML, ASP and so on, all created with Notepad, occasionally Microsoft's Front page, searching the net (Google) and a lot of help from this BBS.

                        My biggest challenge, so far, was to change the standard HS Devise page, not a hundred percent there yet as to controlling and updating, but almost there, then I will find something else to change.

                        Find what you are comfortable with and go for it, six months later you wish to change it anyway.
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                          For your solution, read this thread.............


                          Mind you, I can't get it to work but others have

                          UPDATE: Following Jon00 advice, I upgraded from 2.1.122 to 2.1.173 and everything works now.


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