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    iPhone testers wanted


    Version 0.20 is available to the general public -- please visit to download!

    Download at above blog now working again, apologies for it having been AWOL.

    Hey, all.

    I've been fiddling around with hacking up Rover lately to support an iPhone- and iTouch-optimized homeseer UI. It's pretty dirty at the moment but stable enough where I'd like to get some feedback from people who have larger installations than I do, especially people with thermostats and non-standard devices being controlled by HS. If you'd like to take a whack at testing it, please drop me a PM.

    Requirements are minimal -- Homeseer 2, Rover 2.5 installed. You'll need to be able to access homeseer via your iPhone/iTouch, either via WiFi or EDGE. You'll also need to know how to unzip files and manually move files around in Windows.

    I'm attaching a couple of screenshots of the current UI (taken in OS X Safari, so they're a little wider than the actual iPhone viewport). In the latest iPhone software you can place bookmarks directly on your home screen, and this iPhone UI has quickly become my favorite way of controlling my house.

    If there's enough interest, I plan on developing a web service backend for HS and creating a native UI for the iPhone to interface against it when the SDK is released in a few weeks.

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    Will the interface also work on the PocketPC WM6?



      Looks promising. We have 3 in the family and would be glad to help test.

      I sent a PM to your attention.



        Originally posted by Chak View Post
        Will the interface also work on the PocketPC WM6?
        hey chak:

        i haven't used WM since v5, but provided it supports a reasonable amount of CSS in the web browser it shouldn't have any issue -- the controls for this script are just common images and web links wrapped in fancy CSS.

        I've tested in IE7, Firefox, and Safari. It should also probably work in any other modern browser, though some of the UI might not be as pretty (round rectangles, etc.)


          for those that have already started to test -- note that the iphone webkit doesn't support the slider controls directly. you can't hold on the control and slide on them to make them do something.

          for example, tap the on/off to make it toggle. for a dimmer control, tap on the slider in the position you want the device to dim to. left is 0%/off, right is 100%/on.


            2 iphones in my household... would definitely love to test this out...

            I sent you an email yesterday.




              VERY COOL!

              Works like a champ.

              It's Rover on Apple Steroids>


                Excellent work mate, Would Love to test this on my iphone, how do I get it!


                  I'm about to release v0.20. Check in this forum for more details, or visit the blog directly:



                    This looks Great!! I've been waiting for a custom iPhone app. I'll try it out!!!


                      Just installed, looks great, just what I've been looking for.

                      thanks & regards



                        I tested this for a couple of hours, and I like it very much. I only have one problem.

                        Some of my (lamp)devices don't have on on/off button of slider, although these are normal lamp devices or appliance modules, which can be controlled by HS in a normal way!!

                        One other thing; I don't have Rover installed, is this really a pre-requesite ??


                        Rien du Pre
                        The Netherlands
                        Homeseer PRO latest HS4 BETA on a Raspberry
                        RFXCOM, mcsMQTT, Z-Wave


                          I've been using this now for about 6 weeks without Rover installed. I also really like it. It has already replaced all of my remotes (HS/Ocelot). I do, however, have a few issues...

                          1. I have a TXB-16 X10 thermostat and I am unable to adjust the temperature using the "select" component of html (similar to the location select). There is a way around this issue and it's by triggering an event that sets the specified value included in the event.

                          2. It does not directly control IR commands. I had to set up a virtual variable that triggers an event that triggers an IR command. This works fine it just requires a lot of overhead in HS.

                          3. With regards to number 2, some devices simply require a toggle command rather than the on/off command (i.e. IR devices). Once again, there are work arounds but it would be nice to assign a button to a device.

                          4. I am unable to control Insteon devices. It appears to be looking for a house code/unit code. It replies with a "cannot find device %"

                          I wish I understood Rover and CSS little more so at least I could aid in the development and maybe help fix some of the above issues, but I simply do not have the knowledge. This is a wonderful tool and greatly look forward to the next release.


                            So far so great!!

                            Hey Nice work,

                            I have a series of events that I use often and I save shortcuts to the desktop of my iphone to go directly to the events.

                            Interface is solid and works awesome.
                            THanks for the effort.

                            NOW for a speaker app for the iphone. The ultimate would be to be able to do TTS and VR via the iphone.
                            Thats a plugin for you.


                              Thanks for this very good work!
                              The GUI is simple to use and is up to what we can expect in terms of design on an iPhone. We are far from the first B/W WAP browsers 5 years ago

                              It seems I am the only one to want this in HS2 but it would be great to totally remove this user authentification, which is not an option in HS2 when connection from outside the local network.

                              HS user authentification is not supported on my Blackberry, it is on the iphone. As my main use is to use HS from my handeld devices, having to log in all the time really affects the experience in the long run...