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iPhone for HS version 0.20 is released!

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    iPhone for HS version 0.20 is released!


    I've just released an iPhone and iPod Touch optimized User Interface for HS 2. You can check it out over at, which is where I'll post updates and notices. Feel free to leave me comments and suggestions here as well.


    Thank you.

    Appreciate your efforts.

    Can't control the thermostat
    Would like some IP camera control....

    Check out this:


      DooMotion ?

      Would be nice to also have "Motion Status" a la DooMotion. Here's a screenshot with examples.
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        This is a phenomenally great app! I would love to see you evolve this more. I mostly use this control my Top Ten events and would love for a way to make the events Icons instead of just text. Hopefully when more developers are accepted into the iPhone Dev program someone will build a native app for the iPhone to really take Homeseer control to the next level.


          This is awesome!!! I have a home remote control in pocket at all times!!!



            I agree, This is awesome!!!



              Are there any plans to make a native iPhone app to control HS?


                Originally posted by madmax View Post
                Are there any plans to make a native iPhone app to control HS?
                How will a native app communincate back to HomeSeer? If it's via a web connection then why would you need a native app rather than a web app?


                  I suspect that a TCP socket from a native app to HS would be faster and offer more options that something that's web based.



                    This is excellent, Thanks


                      "iPhone for HS" is misnamed!

                      This is really really GREAT!

                      BUT -it is misnamed!

                      I have now tried it out on several devices.

                      On a Nokia N95-3 cell phone it works excellently on both WiFi and 3G. The only very minor adjustment is that one needs to set the zoom in the N95 browser to 75%.

                      On an HP iPAQ 210 PDA it works perfectly over WiFi within my home, no adjustments needed.

                      On a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet it works fine, but the screen on the N800 is so great that using the regular HomeSeer pages is good enough that the iPhone.asp mode isn't really required though it works just fine.

                      My only request for a modification would be that the box "Select a location" be placed at the top of the screen rather than the bottom; or better yet an entry in "Options" to have it displayed at top, bottom, or both.

                      That said: This is just great as it is!


                        Originally posted by dhk View Post

                        This is really really GREAT!

                        BUT -it is misnamed!

                        I have now tried it out on several devices.

                        Perhaps we could wish for a version with adjustable page width?
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                          This is a very nice application and works really great! One way it could be improved would be to add the ability to configure what devices are displayed and the order in which they are displayed. It is not clear to me what controls the order of the listed devices. When "all" is selected, the devices are listed in alphabetical order. But when a sub group is chosen, the devices appear to be random.

                          Since I have over 100 devices, I prefer to limit my choices.

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                            I love the idea, but I'm having some issues with the app resizing properly on the iphone. The selection location combo appears very small to start and safari doesn't want to resize it with a simple tap like it does with most sites. When I click the combo itself, the app re sizes properly and the location scroller appears. Once I select a location, it loads back in very small again. The options page is doing just the opposite for me, it comes in oversized.

                            Is there something I need to set in the options?


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                              Wow, thanks for the positive feedback, guys

                              The day job's kept me from giving this any real attention the past month, but I'll take all this feedback into account. Keeping in mind that this is really just a dirty hack to put some lipstick on Rover at the moment, there's certainly room for improvement and closer adherence to web standards, not to mention good programming practices...

                              Keep the suggestions coming, and I'll try to incorporate them as I can (or, feel free to modify the source and PM me changes if you're inspired!)

                              The thought to move it to an iPhone native app, Rupp, is to get access to actual iPhone UI controls (sliders, toggles) and page-controls instead of the cheap tap-to-toggle on the dimmers and switches.

                              Thermostat support's planned, though I lack any thermo to test against at the moment.

                              I use DooMotion as well, so I'll try to get status indications programmed in at some point as well.

                              Thanks guys!