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    I need someway to have access to both my HomeSeer web server and my Exchange server without opening a lot of ports. I have 443 opened for HS and I would like to use it for Exchange as well, but I'm not sure how to go about doing it? I would be opened to creating a page on IIS, but wouldn't I have to create a lot of pages to get all of my plugins to work? Is their some way that IIS could work with HS? I'm puzzled at how to handle this and I really need some advice from the guru's on the board? Both services run on the same computer...
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    I run exch 2003 and HS on the same server as well. I have each service on a separate local IP (one nic) mapped to two different public IPs. All that said, i had to move HS SSL to 8443 because despite all the config changes i tried on IIS, i couldn't get IIS from pooling/grabbing/binding all the local IPs on my server (this made me & HS unhappy).

    And as far as i know, you can't run the HS interface through IIS, ie. HS requires it own internal webserver.

    One thing you could certainly do is to create your own IIS status page (many have done this), but i wouldn't attempt to recreate event, or any other HS page.

    good luck

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      thanks for the advice... I may try to create a status page of HS and run that under IIS and see how that works for me...

      Thanks again,

      Avandia help
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