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HS HTTP Server used with Reverse Proxy?

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    HS HTTP Server used with Reverse Proxy?

    I have long used HS's HTTP server, and with many asp files.
    Now, I'm experimenting with having HS's server behind a reverse proxy server. That is, port 80 on the Internet goes to a different web server than HS. When the user requests a page that isn't in this front server, it forwards the URI to my designated alternate, the HS HTTP server, then serves out the resultant page content from HS. This works fine, except for user authentication: the HS server sees the request as on the local LAN (the proxy) - so the mechanisms to restrict access to log viewing, config changes, etc. don't work. And Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER") always returns an empty string.

    I am NOT a web server guru.

    Anyone know how to deal with this? My own HS asp web pages in HS have a check for who's logged in, and if "guest", some pages are refused.

    Might be easier for HS to do the reverse proxy, but that's not a standard feature.

    (in the interim, I've disabled the proxy mechanism. The system I'm fooling with is BarracudaDrive, low cost. Lots of features, including reverse proxy, web server, web based file server, standard WebDAV, blog, and other stuff. A lot of commonly wanted stuff ready to use, rather than what you get with Apache on windows)