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Windows 7 - web server stopped

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  • Windows 7 - web server stopped

    I have a trial version that I am trying to run on Windows 7. I get the following log:
    local IP address (subnet) is: (255....
    UPNP Discovery started
    Web Server started on port 80
    Web Server Stopped
    Web Server connections appear blocked. Check ....

    I can not do anything.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    You most likely have IIS running on port 80. You can try to edit the settings.ini file (typically like c\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\Config) and look for the line svrport=80 and change this to 81 and see if it will start. You can also put in a help desk request for your free 30 days product support.

    ie svrport=82


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      Thanks the port was the problem. The documentation was not clear about what Homeseer is using as the web server and what port it is using.

      Now if I can just get the right serial cable (need a null modem cable) to connect my HAI OmniPro II.