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  • Custom Code on MasterPage (Every page)

    I know that HomeSeer doesn't use ASPX and have masterpages and was wondering if there was an easy way to inject asp code to the top portion of every page?

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    Hopefully you'll get a reply off of one of the web page gurus (Jon00 etc) but there is this function in the Web Site setup page;

    "Functions To Call with Body Onload (Put script code in meta.htm):"

    I don't quite know whether this will do what you are after, but it may be somewhere to start if all else fails


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      If you are writing your own pages you can add the following to the top of the pages.

      <!-- #include file="/path/page.asp" -->

      If you are talking about the HomeSeer generated pages... the answer would be no.

      The body onLoad is used for javascripts.
      I do use the onLoad to add some info to the logo bar on the HS generated pages.

      In the meta.htm I have the following.
      ************************************************************ *****
      &lt;SCRIPT language="Javascript" src="/weathercom_xml/weathercondition.js"></SCRIPT>
      function displayWeather() {
      ************************************************************ *****
      I then have a script that runs every so often and outputs the javascript.

      For example the weathercondition.js has the following line.
      newImage="&nbsp;&lt;img height='20' align='absmiddle' border='0' src='/Images/weathericons/cond_small/33.gif'> &lt;b>Sunrise:&lt;/b> 7:14 AM"

      I added displayWeather() to the body on load in the HomeSeer setup pages.

      What this does is replace the sunrise icon with an icon of the current weather condition.
      I have another javascript that puts a scrolling weather forecast in the logo bar.

      It's not as good as asp but you can do a few things.
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