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Changing Image for ADIO-100 value

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    Changing Image for ADIO-100 value

    Hi, I'm trying to use the statement

    hs.DeviceValuesGraphicsAdd "[13", "DoorClosed.gif" & chr(2) & "500"

    to change the ICON for one of my ADIO-100 status inputs.

    When I run the command I don't see any errors in the log but the icon never changes. I have tried 5, 500, 5000 and >0 (not sure you can do that last one).

    Nothing seems to work - also tried to do this with the BLIcon plug-in but it does not support the ADIO-100 analog inputs (half of the ADIO-100).

    If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate any suggestions - I'm not a programmer so flying by the seat of my pants here.

    It is one of those things that unless you see the programming code of the plugin it is sometimes difficult to figue out. What can be the case is that the plugin is setting the icon or it has been set up to not support an icon.

    Bit difficult to diagnose really, do you have HSPRO? HSPRO has a graphical interface for editing the value/graphics pairs. Also where is your DoorClosed.gif file located?


      Icon location and editing the value/graphics pairs

      I put all the graphics in the same folder as the Homeseer ICONS (Homeseer HSPRO, html, Images, Homeseer).

      I know the Icons work because they look OK with BLIcon. I'm using the Homeseer ADIO-100 plugin.

      When I look at any of the devices associated with the ADIO-100 I don't see the option to edit the value/graphics pairs (like I do with some of the other devices). I have HS pro.

      Maybe I'm just stuck, just hoping I'm missing something simple, been fighting this one for over a year on and off...

      Thx for the suggestions!


        I am not sure you are going to be able to do it that way (unless someone else can answer), would you consider adding a virtual device to your system? That way you could create an event that triggered on when the device changed to any value. The action of the event could be to run an extremely small script that picked out the value and then set the string of this new device.


          I thought about trying something like a virtual device, but the problem is the mess it starts to create.

          I have so many devices now when I start to work on something it takes a long time to scroll up and down as I fiddle with a new event, also it starts to get a bit hard to keep the whole thing straight in my brain chassis.

          Thinking I should just rip out the ADIO-100 anyway and install a DCS logic board. I installed the ADIO-100 in place of an old Brinks Security system to repurpose all of the existing hardwired sensors.

          I works fine but it seems like a DCS 1832 board would give me more capability and I could re-use my ADIO-100 elsewhere.

          Just need to get in touch with HS store today and find out if they support and sell the DCS boards with the latest firmware (that supports the new 2-Way wireless sensors and keypads).

          Thanks for the help with this - if is wasn't for all of the people on this board willing to take the time to help others I would have thrown in the HS towel a long long time ago.

          Have a great New Year!!!