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    I made this webpage running on IIS to take commands from my iphone as we have all lost siriproxy integration a while back and I missed it. It's a pretty simple webapp and I am running it on IIS as opposed to homeseer's server as I can use ajax controls and it makes it seem much more fluid (I don't think you can run ajax on homeseer but someone please correct me if that isn't the case). I'm new to programming so my code is novice-like at the very least. The code-behind takes the text that gets placed in the text box like "turn off the living room light" and turns it into an array and performs the homeseer method. The code-behind is very specific to my system and there are a lot of if's and elseif's. Not sure if anyone else would be interested but at the very least it gives me audio control of homeseer. This would be homeseer 2 by the way as I can't stand that whole CAPI thing just to turn a device off/on.

    Btw, there is a limitation on the iphone. You have to press the text box to bring up the keyboard and then press the microphone to take audio. Still pretty convenient as opposed to pulling up hstouch, finding the floor, room, etc...
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