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Difference between Explorer and Audrey Browser

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    Difference between Explorer and Audrey Browser

    I am using the below statement in a table defination. When clicking in this cell of the table it should redirect to the URL indicated, it works fine in IE5 but does not appear to work with the Audrey browser.

    <td onclick="location.href='livingroom.htm' style="cursorointer; cursor:hand" width="83" background="images/panel_left.gif" valign="bottom" align="right" height="26">
    <font size="1" face="Arial">Living Room</font>

    this is the part that enables the cell to become a link
    onclick="location.href='livingroom.htm' style="cursorointer; cursor:hand"

    Does anyone know how to do this on the Audrey browser? Or which browser available for the Audrey will it work on?

    The Audry does not do any (hardly any) style and is only html 1.1 compliant so don't expect much.




      Have you tried the Voyager browser on the Audrey. It should provide the type of functionality you're looking for.


        <td background="images/panel_left.gif" valign="bottom" align="right" width="83" height="26">
        <a href="livingroom.htm">Living Room
        <img src="blank5x5transparent.gif" border="0" width="83" height="26">


          Tried it and it appears to the same thing as the Audrey browser. Nothing. Has anyone been able to make the Opera browser work on Audrey.

          Is there a way to put a .gif in the cell and have the cell's text overlay the .gif, other than using the .gif as a background? That way I could make the .gif the hyperlink.



            Now that you mention it, I've had Opera 5.2 running on my Audrey for about 36 hours. I'm testing now and working on completing a final CF image before posting results.


              I'm anxiously awaiting the info about using Opera on an Audrey, in the mean time I went with several different page styles that would work on both my ePods and my Audreys.

              I ended up using the design of my Touchlinc. It's simple and effective and since there's not a lot of fluff, it loads pretty fast.

              Here is an image of my Living Room touch pad. The image is taken from IE, but the same page works on ePods and Audreys.

              The page was designed so that you simply define 12 devices at the top of the ASP page and the pad will be generated on the fly. Right now the page is woven into my whole site which is IIS and ASP specific, but if anyone is interested I can chunk out the meat of the page and post it.



                I'm VERY new to HS. I just got a 3Com Audrey that I plan to use to control HS. I just installed HS on my PC and can pull up the Wen interface through the Audrey's browser. However, Audrey's browser does not support CSS, so the pages don't look as good as on the PC's browser.

                I'd like to create my own pages to contain the HS controls. Can somebody give me a brief explanation of how this is done?



                  A good place to start is with AJ's Control Panel ASP System (BETA) and AJ's Panels. Pick up where we left off.. I posted a sample control.asp in the first thread. I also posted a newer copy of my control.asp that does image buttons in this thread.