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Remote Access to HomeSeer Web Files

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    Remote Access to HomeSeer Web Files

    I am running IIS 5.1 under Windows XP Pro and I use FrontPage 2002 to author web sites remotely. Is there a way I can remotely edit my HomeSeer web files (virtual directory?).

    FrontPage will want the web that it opens to have FrontPage extensions so I would like to avoid that. FrontPage would be much faster than a remote desktop connection as it doesn't have to bother with the remote screen updates.

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    Jim -
    You could install an FTP server(*) using IIS and then use FrontPage publishing feature to transfer the updated files to your server. For security reasons, you might want to define the FTP directory in the server to be different from your real HS directory and then have a little script (or .BAT file called from a HS event) to copy the updated files from the temp FTP directory onto the HS html directory.
    Hope that helps,

    (*) Go to Control Panel --> Add/Remove Programs --> Click on Add/Remove Window Components --> Select IIS --> Click the Details button --> Select FTP Server --> Follow the instructions

    NOTE: If you want to install FrontPage server extensions you can do it from there as well.