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Opera browser - temporarily working on Audrey

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    Opera browser - temporarily working on Audrey

    Well, I temporarily had Opera v5.2 for QNX running on my Audrey. Worked great with my Homeseer site, but didn't have a chance to check ultraview(main reason for testing). I say temporarily because I rebooted my Audrey and lost functionality of the browser. Will look at it in greater detail later tonight.

    Problem is you have to free up about 5MB of space on your Audrey to copy in Opera and the necessary libraries.

    Well, it's finally working. I'll post details tomorrow evening if anyone's interested. I have an image also which includes shell, opera, telnetd, a few extra shell commands, and web server for remote cgi calls to the audrey. Testing stability, but appears somewhat stable in the hour or so of testing this evening.

    I had to remove real player to gain the necessary space for opera and the necessary libraries. If real player is of any importance to you... forget opera.

    As for added functionality, Opera supports html 4.0 and css so you gain most of the functionality of homeseer, asp and css. However, utlraview does not function properly, though I am still researching this issue.


      I'm very interested in this. Any chance you will be doing a CF image?




        Great work getting Opera running; I haven't had the time to tinker with it and the different versions of QNX. I'm mainly interested in the CSS abilities.

        Can you post (host?) an image?


        - Miki


          Second the request... Thanks!
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            I hope to have details posted shortly on Opera. I've encountered some issues with Opera and memory, but I've only executed it from a command line and not from the GUI. I've been tied up with my remodeling project and have also been working on a flash interface for the Audrey using either the built in browser or opera.

            Flash seems to be more efficient than Opera at this point, though since I'm not an experienced programmer I'm having difficulties passing the variable values from the client back to the asp page, so I'm hard coding the commands to the asp pages.

            Fortunately I have more than one Audrey and one flash card to keep the projects separated.