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    Dummy questions...

    Hi peeps.

    ... Bit of a newbie at this webby stuff, - looked through this forum, but a lot of it went over my head, so I'm hoping someone can add a little clarity...

    I have 1 Epod currently, and a couple of fujitsu point 510 touchscreens on the way, so I want to get some touchscreen interfaces ready. I have several ways I can choose to go...

    Currently, as I only actually have the Epod, I've been trying to get something sorted which works on that. - This is a CE 2.11 device, so choices are limited...
    a) Terminal server client session
    b) Web interface
    c) Custom CE app (like Dan Hoenens ACE)

    I don't particularly like (a) because when the device suspends the TS connection is lost, so when I turn it on again, I have to acknowledge a message box, and then re-connect the session before I can use the interface.

    Also not mad keen on (c), as I don't really have the wherewithall to develop my own interface for CE, and the ready-made ones (like ACE) don't fit my requirements.

    So my best choice is (I think) a web-based interface, so my questions are (eventually!):

    1) Can I make a custom page *within* the Homeseer webserver designed for this touchscreen interface?

    2) If not, can I make a custom page running under IIS on another server that pushes commands into Homeseer?

    3) (the $64K one!) - how, (in beginners terms) would I go about doing either option.

    What I want to achieve is a simple single webpage, containing about 16 pushbuttons, which can have either text or icon captions on them, which trigger Homeseer events/scripts when pressed.

    Many thanks guys...

    Paul G.

    If you want to learn how to do it there are 2 or three sample htm and asp pages that come with HS and are an excellent start. Heres a small asp page that might help. It has a button that controls a device called OverHead Light and it is located in the Computer Room. Getting the correct name and location of the device you want to control is critical or it will not work. Put this code in an asp file (test.asp) and put it in the HS HTML directory and give it a shot. If it works for you then you can simply cut and paste the form section for as many buttons as you like.